• 24/7 Emergency Repair and Maintenance

• Onsite Battery and Charger Inspection & Survey

•ᅠFull Turnkey Installations

•ᅠPreventative Maintenance

•ᅠBattery Washing & Containment

• Capacity Testing

• Field Cell Replacement

• Battery Recycling

• Large Loaner Battery & Charger Fleet

• Refurbished Battery and Charger Inventory

• Delivery, Installation & Pick Up of Battery Repairs

• Electrolyte Equalization

• Discharge test with report on specialized equipment.

• Full Fleet of Service Vehicles






preventative maintenance

Corrosion on Terminals, Connectors

Cell Leaks, Cracks: Repair or Replace

Battery Cables: Clean, Repair or Replace

Battery Room: Appearance, Safety, Cleanliness

Temperature and Condition of Ventilation Equipment: Advise Customer if not per manufacturer's specifications

Cell Voltage, Specific Gravity: Measure and Record each cell voltage and specific gravity


Self-contained mobile wash unit for onsite battery washing

 - quick

 - environmentally friendly

Field charger repair

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